Chamber of Quel'ThalasEdit

  • Reagent Lord or Lady of Quel'Thalas (Leader)
  • Lords or Ladies of Quel'Thalas
    • Lord or Lady of Sunstrider Isle
    • Lord or Lady of Dawnstar Village
    • Lord or Lady of

Royal CabinetsEdit

Royal Cabinet of KalimdorEdit

  • Priest or Priestess of Darnassus
  • Prophet of the Naaru
  • Warchief of the Horde
  • Chieftain of Darkspear
  • Chieftain of the United Tauren Tribes
  • Trade Prince or Princess of the Bilgewater Cartel

Royal Cabinet of the Eastern KingdomsEdit

  • Reagent Lord or Lady of Quel'Thalas
  • Banshee King or Queen of Lordaeron
  • King or Queen of Ironforge
  • High Tinker of Gnomeregan
  • King or Queen of Stormwind
  • King or Queen of Gilneas

The High CouncilEdit

  • President of Azeroth
  • Vice President
  • Chancellor
  • Secretary of State for Gold
  • Secretary of State for Defence
  • Secretary of State for Justice
  • Secretary of State for Professions
  • Secretary of State for Health
  • Secretary of State for Talents and Skills
  • Secretary of State for Transport
  • Earth Warder
  • Grand Mage

Other OrganisationsEdit

The Earthen RingEdit

  • Earth Warder

The Korin TorEdit

  • Grand Mage of the Korin Tor

The Argent CrusadeEdit

  • Supreme Commander of the Argent Crusade
  • Argent Officers (6)

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